Vic P Testimonial

We had Jim and Adam and Adams friend (sorry forget his name), plus a heating engineer, roofer and a sparks working very hard on out new home in Sittingbourne.

They stripped the garage roof back to beams and replaced the whole thing, replaced the window and door in the garage. Overhauled the main roof, replaced roof trim board and cleaned all gutters.

The next job was to make the roof support in the loft safe as who ever been up there before had mad a pigs ear of it! The loft insulation had to be removed, for another Flitch beam with more supports installed, while this was going on new a new central heating system was installed, putting the very latest combi boiler in the loft to save space in the kitchen. All new pipe work and new gas main run in, new water stop cock put in (as there wasn’t one in the house).

Loft insulation re- installed and loft boarded out, also re- locating and putting in a new loft hatch. The toilet had to be removed as the floor underneath was rotten and smelt. The boys did a lot of other jobs which weren’t on my list, and I have probably forgotten some other work.

We can’t thank Jim and the rest of the boys for such a fantastic job, it was all done while we were in France, when we returned you never know they had been here.
Our new home was sorted properly, it was clean and tidy, again thank you guys so much, and it came in under budget.

Regards Vic & Teresa