Since 1998 J. A Pell & Son have been involved in the world of Motorsport. It’s a great family orientated sport and hobby, which incorporates our business and it’s core values perfectly. Not to mention a fantastic wind down from the world of life and work!

We have since founded J. A. Pell & Son Motorsport so you can follow our journey on the track. And also which is intended to help the Karting community. is hoped to help new comers to the sport and support small businesses within the industry.

We look forward to doing our bit helping the younger generation start and progress in the amazing world of Motorsport. In particular Karting, on and off the track.

Click each logo for more information and feel free to sign up to show some support. For any sponsorship enquiries or if you feel you can help out with, please contact either project directly.

J. A. Pell & Son Motorsport