Front Door Refurbishment Chigwell Essex

This was a job J. A. Pell & Son carried out recently for a fantastic repeat clients of ours in Chigwell Essex for a front door refurbishment. The client wanted to give the front of the property a slight facelift, and there was also some persistent issues with opening a closing the door. So we suggested refurbishment and redecoration of the front door instead of replacing it, which would give great results with a much lower cost.

To get to the finished product you see in the pictures; The door had to completely be removed and put on a workbench. The door was then prepared and 2 undercoats were applied, along with a top coat of the client’s choice. A pair and a half of Grade 11 four inch chrome ball bearing hinges replaced the worn poor, quality existing hinges. Several issues were then solved with the bottom weather strip on the door and the threshold. The bottom drip and letter box was polished back to great condition. A new handle and number were fitted. Followed by the door being correctly hung back in its rebated frame.

A great looking entry point to the property for a fraction of the cost compared to replacing the door! If you need any kind of property refurbishment works carried out in Essex or surrounding London areas please get in touch. You can see similar jobs like this on our website.

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