Boiler Conversion & Structural Works Kent

J. A. Pell & Son carried out this lovely job with our associates a few months ago. The client recently bought the bungalow knowing it needed a fair bit of work doing, that’s where we came in. The work carried out consisted of numerous tasks such as a complete combi boiler conversion, structural roof/loft works, loft hatch relocation, new flat garage roof, new garage window, new back door to garage, new electric shower, bathroom floor repairs among a few other smaller things along the way as you will see from the photos.

The job started with us being intrusted with the property while the client was away on holiday, this way the work could be carried out with minimal impact on daily living. Furniture was moved to a safe location, then it was sheeted and protected along with all the flooring where needed. The property was treated with upmost respect and care, which we take pride in doing with all of our jobs.

First off was Tom our Gas Safe plumber, draining all the heating and water system down, stripping the loft of all the unneeded pipework, tanks and then removing the old back boiler and radiators from the property. The system was then upgraded with as new Ideal Logic+ combi boiler located in the loft with vertical flu, complete with an inline scale inhibitor, Magnaclean, new radiators, new valves and wireless room stat. A full MagnaCleanse system chemical flush was also carried out. A very cost effective upgrade to any old system!

The property in past years had been converted to a big through lounge, with the internal supporting wall being removed. Whoever carried out the works did install a flitch beam, this was to carry the weight of the roof and act as a support in place of the supporting wall which was removed. However, this was not adequate support, neither was the work carried out to an acceptable quality we would be happy with!

On inspection, the weight of the roof had caused a deflection in ceiling and joists in the loft. We needed to address this issue to stop the deflection continuing or even worse, a structural collapse. We done this by installing another flitch beam to support the roof. The old loft hatch was removed and a new one with a ladder relocated in a better place. Acro supports were installed as a safety measure while works were carried out. The additional new flitch beam and supporting timbers was then added next to the existing, which now adequately provides the needed support. The majority of the loft space was then boarded so the client has plenty of usable storage.

The flat roof on the garage had recently had a shocking bodge job, it was covered in old carpet and then a pond liner to make it water tight! The whole roof was stripped off including boards to make way for a complete renew. It was boarded with new sheets of 22mm wbp ply and then felted by our top quality roofer Dave and his team. While they were on site, they also have the main roof a minor overhaul carrying out several repairs.

Other small jobs include new garage window, new back door to garage, new electric shower, bathroom floor repairs among a few other smaller things. You can see the whole process via the pictures posted. The client was left over the moon with the works carried out, so much so we have to go back and carry out more works which are planned for the future. You can see the client’s testimonial/review here. There isn’t much our very talented team and associates at J. A. Pell & Son can’t take on, please get in touch for a no obligation quotation on any works you would like carried out.

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