Kitchen Repair Essex

J. A. Pell & Son recently carried out a kitchen repair in Essex. It was a lovely Howdens kitchen that was fitted a few years ago, not by us I might add! Since it was installed, the client has always had issues with poor fitment and things not being as they should. It is a lovely kitchen and a shame it was installed in such a manner by the previous tradesmen.

As you scroll through the pictures you will see how a kitchen can be thrown in, with no due care or attention to a high level of workmanship at all. Even the most basic things like securing feet to the base units was a chore it seems. We then move onto poorly situated electrical sockets which was a fire risk, damage to shelving which was taking the weight of the oven and a integral fridge, which was also fitted completely wrong! All of which was causing obvious problems but could of been worse and caused injury if the oven or fridge had fallen.

We came in, done what we do best! We stripped it all down, replaced items where needed, repaired others and re fitted parts of the kitchen. All with a high standard of workmanship and in the professional manner the kitchen and client should of had all along. Pleased to say the client was over the moon with the end result!

We pride ourselves with high a level of workmanship. Seeing and doing jobs like this, really does put it in perspective not everybody out there takes the same view we do.

Make sure you see your tradesmen’s work first before employing! Cheap work isn’t good and good work isn’t cheap! Is one quote you got a lot cheaper than another? There is probably a reason for it, and it’s not a good one!

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